The Great Jewel Theft

It was a stormy Saturday night, my first time as an investigator. I just got my first case, but wait, I’m getting ahead of myself, my name is Fresly Wallkenson. I am 18 years old. So where was I, oh right, about the case, It was a jewel theft. This was what happened: It was a very sunny day and I was at the park with my best friend, Robert Buckle. I spotted a lady who was walking along the trail. Suddenly, two men in black and white suits jumped out from behind a tree and snatched her precious emerald necklace, her ruby ring and her purse. Then, one guy tumbled over a stone and dropped out a sack. He didn’t realize that he dropped the sack, so I went over and investigated what was inside it. Inside the sack, I found lots of tiny jewels. There were rubies, diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. Later I found the lady who had been robbed by the men and told her that I could catch them. She trusted me and said that I could be her investigator. Just then, Robert came over and asked what I was doing. I told him about the whole thing. Robert was very excited that I had found a job as an investigator. I told him that I would meet the lady at a place which I have never heard before.

So here I am, at this new place, waiting for the lady. She came to the place at 8 o’ clock. She told me the place where the men might be hiding. I started looking for them the very next morning after breakfast. Finding their hideout was very easy, because they were hiding in a dark alley which is very common spot for robbers to hide. I guess they were out for the day because I couldn’t find them. I saw the purse, and the jewelry on top of the trash can in the alley and replaced them with decoys. The next day, I came there with police men and luckily the robbers were there and were captured. I returned the original jewelry and purse to the rightful owner, the lady and went home. I was really happy that I had completed my first mission successfully and can’t wait to get another one.

The End