Crazy Cat

Once there was an evil scientist. He tested his crazy experiments on animals to see if they worked. He was trying to make an invention that gave him super powers. Mostly each one his experiments failed. One day a cat ran into his lab. The scientist and his partner started chasing it. The scientist’s partner slipped and knocked over a bookcase full of chemicals. One of the chemicals fell on the cat. The scientist’s lab was a mess, it was because of the cat, and so the scientist kicked it out. That was a mistake because the chemical that had spilled on the cat was the scientist’s new chemical that he was sure gave people super powers.

The chemical that spilled on the cat actually worked. The cat didn’t realize that it had super powers until he went home to his alley. Suddenly, he could talk. He wanted to know what other powers he had. So he started playing around with them. The cat had many kinds of powers. He could fly, talk, run at lightning speed and he could jump as high as a 40-story building. The cat was walking along when suddenly a human spotted him. The human took him home and named him “Gilbert”. One day, the human was playing with Gilbert when suddenly the cat chased a ball of yarn at lightning speed.

It was then that the human realized the power that Gilbert had. The human’s name was “Maxine”. Maxine started making posters telling everybody about the new super cat. She decided to make the cat’s super name as Crazy Cat. Soon everybody knew about Crazy Cat. Whenever there was trouble, everyone knew that there was one person they could always trust (only one cat in this case).

One day, the scientist discovered that Crazy Cat was the same cat that got spilled on in his lab. He decided to hunt the cat down and turn him back to normal. That way he could repeat the same experiment and get the super powers like the cat. Then he would become the town’s new super hero and everyone could depend on him to save them. He soon found out that Maxine, his daughter’s best friend, kept Crazy Cat. He told his daughter to get Maxine to give her cat to him. His daughter refused. That meant that the scientist had to track down Crazy Cat by himself.

He started hunting for Crazy Cat the next day. He was able to find Crazy Cat very easily, because Crazy Cat was almost always on top of a building with a picture of a smiling man on it. When the scientist tried to catch Crazy Cat, it flew away and the scientist almost fell off the building. The cat was tricky to get, but the scientist finally caught it somehow and put him in a cage. After the scientist took Crazy Cat to his lab, he put the cage down and went to build something to turn the cat back to normal. He obviously didn’t succeed because Crazy Cat used his claws to cut a hole in the cage and flew out. Crazy Cat flew to the sheriff’s station and told them about the scientist. Crazy Cat and the sheriff came to the scientist’s lab before he could finish his invention.

The scientist went to jail for 50 years, Maxine got her cat back and Crazy Cat continued to save the city. Everything was back to the way it was before. The people of the city continued to live their happy lives.

!!! THE END !!!


Madhu said...

Very good Chaithrika. Very thrilling and interesting story. Keep your stories coming.

Shri said...

Good job dear!you have got talents in you and try to develop them.All the best for your bright future.I liked this story.

Sireesha said...

Very Interesting Story.I like this story very much.Best wishes for ur future...