Mother’s Day Poems

Hello everybody!

I am back with two new (belated rather) Mother’s Day poems. Hope you like them as much as my mom did.


Mom is a word most people use, but no one ever really thinks about it.
They never realize the power behind that word.
A mother is the rainbow that comes out after a storm.
The brightest star in the night sky.
The loveliest flower in the meadow.
A mom is a person who loves you and nurtures you.
Who stays with you through your hard times and shares your joy in times of happiness.
Without a mom where would we all be?
We all need a mom, to guide and protect us.
A mother is a shining beacon of light, leading us through the darkness of sorrow and into the light of joy.
So on this MOTHER’S DAY, I just want to say, I love you more than words can explain.
You are my inspiration, my role model, my beacon of light.


Some moms are mean, some are overprotective, but I’m glad I have the best mom in the world.
You are sweet and kind.
A rose in full bloom.
A raindrop, sliding down to Earth to land on me, a growing sapling and nurture me.
Without you I’d be lost.
You guide me through it all.
I’m glad I can be open and speak freely to you.
I wouldn’t trade you for the whole entire world.
You mean so much to me.
You have a heart of gold.
I love you more than I love myself.
You are the best, mom.